How to SAFELY workout in the HOT Yuma Summer

Jul 3, 2021

Article Written by Coach Victoria Islas

The summer is here again and with that comes the HEAT that no one ever gets used to, no matter how long you’ve lived in Yuma, AZ! I moved to Yuma about 14 years ago and the one thing I can remember is the hot weather. Not gonna lie, I have gotten used to it but it’s still a bitch for me and I am sure for you as well. So today I am going to share my coaching advice on how to safely workout outdoors in the summer.

1. Choose the appropriate time to workout

Before you step outside make sure you choose the appropriate time in the summer. The heat usually peaks after 8 am and comes down a few degrees in the evening time. The best time to work out is between 5 AM-7 AM (during sunrise) or after 7 PM (during sunset). Most parks in Yuma such as West Wetlands and Smuckers close around 11 pm. If you plan to workout pretty late at a park it’s also best to take a friend or two so that you aren’t alone. In summary, schedule your workouts when the heat isn’t EXTREME and that is usually in the early morning or the late evening. Extra tip: Make sure to check in on a weather app to make sure the day is good! You don’t want to end up working out during a heatwave or during high humidity (which prevents you from cooling down from your sweat).

2. Drink enough water

So I don’t know how much you know about how important drinking water is in general but let’s just say that water plays a huge role in meeting your health and fitness goals overall. But for the summer it’s even more important! Staying completely hydrated throughout the day and during your workouts is necessary to keep your body temperature regulated and maintain electrolyte balance. And since you are in Yuma where you sweat every time you go out and because you are exercising I would drink a little more water in the summer. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all for drinking water (since we are all different) but 6-8 cups of water per day would be my advice to stay hydrated and healthy in Yuma. And here is a tip! If you are feeling unmotivated to drink more water, go out and shop for a new water bottle. It might spark you up!

3. Add some electrolytes to your water

Since we just got done talking about drinking enough water I also want to talk about adding electrolytes to your water. I am a big fan of this in the summer and it has much fewer calories than a Powerade or Gatorade! So what is it and do you need it? Well, if you are exercising at “high intensity” more than 3 times per week outdoors or even indoors, I think you would be a great candidate to try some kind of electrolyte powder or tablets to keep your hydration game on point. Now, this is for those that are generally healthy and don’t have any prior or current chronic conditions. If you do have a condition then I would highly recommend discussing supplementation such as electrolytes with your physician to make sure it’s appropriate for you. But overall electrolytes rock and they come in many yummy flavors. The best brands I have tried are NUNN and Ultima and these are available locally in Yuma at Sprouts or the Vitamin Shoppe. 

4. Mix it up! Workout outdoors and Indoors per week.

Let’s admit it, we aren’t superhuman. Working 100% outdoors isn’t for everyone. If you are one of those individuals that are sensitive to heat the best thing you can do for yourself is to mix it up. Make the plans to work out a few times outdoors and a few times indoors at a well-air-conditioned gym or even better at home (in case you don’t have a gym membership). You gotta make sure you listen to your body and do what’s best for you!

5. Take some essentials with you during outdoor activity

All right, let’s talk about the essentials for outdoor workouts at the park or anywhere you plan to train in the summer. Make sure you always have plenty of water, a towel, sunscreen, and some bug repellent. The flies and mosquito force is stronger in the summer and you wouldn’t want some pesky bugs to ruin it for you. Extra Tip: Take your music with your Bluetooth speaker and throw in a little portable water bottle fan and you are golden! 

6. Look for trees if you are late or early in the evening

The last thing I will say is to try and look for trees if the sun is out. Stay under the shade at all times. I would not work out between 8 AM-7 PM to keep it safe. 

I hope you enjoyed these Yuma summer workout tips and if you need a personal trainer to help you out you can always BOOK A FREE ONLINE CONSULTATION with me. Stay safe and healthy.

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