The best LOCAL “Conventional” Gyms in Yuma, Arizona

Jul 6, 2021

Article Written by Coach Victoria Islas

So you are ready to hit the gym and want to figure out which local gym is the best for you? I am going to make choosing the right one super easy for you today by providing a quick list below. Please keep in mind that I am not adding in big franchises to support more of the local establishments. I also did not include CrossFit’s or group class style gyms to the list (I will be making a separate article for those). Lastly, the gyms were selected based on online ratings found via google not personal opinion. 

1. The Complex 

 Address: 2205 W 23rd Street Yuma, AZ 85364


2. 4th Avenue Gym 

Yuma Location Address: 300 W 22nd Street Yuma, AZ 85364

Foothills Location Address: 7900 E 32nd Street Yuma AZ 85365


3. B1 Elite Fitness

Address: 1335 S Pacific Ave #102 Yuma, AZ 85364


4. CaedoFit

Address: 380 W 16th Street Yuma AZ 85364

Facebook Page: 

5. 24/7 Get Fit 

Several locations in Yuma, Somerton, San Luis and Foothills.


So what should you look for in a gym/facility? 

  • A friendly and professional staff
  • A membership price that works with your budget
  • Cleanliness (especially during COVID pandemic)
  • Amenities – are they offering the amenities you are looking for?
  • Up to date equipment! Is the equipment clean and safe for use?
  • Positive reviews from other locals on Google and Facebook Page
  • Do they have PT’s in hand if you need to hire one?
  • Hours of operation – will the gym accommodate your schedule?

Ultimately you will need to take the drive to visit the different gym locations to see if you vibe with it. If you don’t vibe with one, you will vibe with another. So make sure you check ’em all out if you have the patience and time. I highly recommend you do this since this will help you stay on point with your training.

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